Addison Karl

Tribe: Chickasaw / Choctaw
Based In: Bremerton, WA
Social Media: @addisonkarl

About the Art
For this sculpture, I had the privilege to collaborate with a fellow Chickasaw Nation tribal member Christine Heimbigner for the detailed work of the 'beaded collar.' Chickasaw 'beaded collars' have been passed down since the 17th century for the Chickasaw Nation after European contact. Christine has been honoring her family and ancestors with her dedication to making traditional regalia for the last 8 years. As for many tribal members, creating is a means of honoring our ancestors and passing down cultural values from one generation to the next. It's an important factor to reconcile the past's hardships and wounds into something beautiful. The amount of work and dedication going into traditional works is tremendous, Christine has made 8 regalia dresses and 11 beaded collars. She acknowledges her Great Grandmother Lelia by naming her business after her: 'Lelia Beane Designs.' Christine's mother had a great influence on her to keep her Chickasaw knowledge and connection alive for herself and her family. A legacy that Christine will continue to pass down with her work and knowledge now.