Ashley Alvarez

Tribe: Unangax / Unangan / Aleut
Based In: Seattle, WA
Social Media: @matrilinealnerd

About the Artist
Ashley is Unangax (Aleut) and Filipina on her mother’s side and Black on her father’s side. She grew up in Bellingham Washington with her grandparents and was involved in her local Unangax/Aleut community through a Unangan dance group, Sngagim Axasniikangin (Dream Dancers). As a first generation college student and Gates Millennium Scholar she attended Western Washington University and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Human Services. In 2015, she earned her Masters of Social Work degree from University of Washington with a concentration in Community-centered Integrative Practice.

Ashley has worked with a wide variety of folks from youth of color, houseless community, and land & food workers. She currently works full time supporting Indigenous womxn in getting certifications in traditional land design and teaching (Permaculture), and once certified helping them find contract work. Ashley is also a farmer and co-owner of a Indigenous/POC owned farm called Indigenous Roots Farm. The farm produces indigenous plants mainly from the Pacific Northwest and, as of now, does workshops for Native students in the King County Area. Lastly, Ashley is also a co-host on a podcast called Fresh Out of Dough.

Ashley has a passion for land work, food, learning Unangam Tunuu, creating art and all things related to community uplifting/building.

(via the Center for Whole Communities website)