Ayanna Fuentes

Tribe: Apache / Mayan / Tiano
Based In: Camano Island, WA
Email: ayannafuentes@gmail.com
Social Media: @ayanna_is_amazing

About the Artist
Ayanna Fuentes descends from African American, Mayan, Taino and Apache ancestry. She leads a life of both purpose and calling. With the knowledge from the cultures she participates in, Ayanna’s work is directly reflective of the power she yields as a young Indigenous woman. She finds much of her inspiration participating in the yearly Tribal Canoe Journey. She has participated in Canoe Journey for the last 6 years and is now a skipper in training. Ayanna runs two social media platforms, works closely with the Buffalo Field Campaign, sits on a board for a sustainable living nonprofit organization, and works with the Na’ah Illahee Fund’s restorative justice program. Ayanna is also a singer and dancer in the Native community and has been a part of the Tlingit Dance Group, Náakw for the last four years. She also sings with the Indigenous Sister Resistance drum group. Ayanna is a youth leader and activist in the Northwest Native community and traveled to Standing Rock as a Water Protector. Ayanna is an artist as well in the local community. She has written and performed her poetry, and is well known for her beadwork.