Britt Rynearson

Tribe: Nez Perce / Colville
Based In: Burien, WA
Social Media: @araeness
Website: /


About the Art
Inspired by Plateau Indian loop necklaces, this piece utilizes hand dyed silk, specialty leather, beadwork, and hand painted feathers. For my ancestors, this type of necklace signifies the ribs of the buffalo – an animal primarily hunted by men. In this piece, I offer a feminine interpretation of these symbols. I create fashion that both reclaims and celebrates old traditions of the Plateau people. The photograph to the left was a rare find. An adolescent girl and her young brother wear the loop necklace. The young girl is Mattie Spencer, grandmother to the well-known contemporary Klickitat basket maker.

The historical photos are courtesy of Peoples of the Plateau : The Indian Photographs of Lee Moorhouse, 1898-1915 by Steven L. Grafe (2005). Image above: Yakima Indian Children with Dog c. 1900. Image below: Yakima c. 1900.