Chai Adera

Tribe: Seminole / Choctaw
Based In: Seattle, WA
Social Media: @future_crystals

About the Art
My generation has to carry the burden of mass destruction and disrespect towards Mother Earth perpetrated before we were born or even a dream. In every moment I deeply feel the stress and obstructions created by this society, which makes it necessary for me to seek peace in the forests, soil, crystals, soundscapes of the water— to sit with the old ones. In this video collaboration with Khu.éex, I wanted to utilize glitch technology as a disruptive approach to storytelling. To challenge what feels comfortable. Ultimately, EARTH PRAYER is a visual poem that relays the urgency I feel to protect the sacred and the natural world.

Music by Khu.éex and spoken word by Gene Tagaban (Tlingit / Cherokee / Filipino).