Clair Rand

Tribe: Zacateca
Based In: Seattle, WA
Social Media: @clairatine_clear

About the Art
As a person of Zacateca, Chihuahua, Black, and Spanish ancestry, I gravitate to themes of ancestral awakening, mixed-race identity, womxn’s wisdom, disruption of structures, and personal narrative. I’m drawn to the natural world with her inherent power and beauty. By incorporating aspects of earth—mica dust, glass, fiber—into my creations, each piece honors the earth and my ancestors. Currently, I work with acrylics, pastels, charcoals, oils, fibers, and photography to express my artistic vision. My acrylic paintings have become a canvas to allow self-discovery and to investigate polarities within my identity as a multi-cultural woman. Recently, I’ve been exploring more of what it means to be a Latina of African-American, Indigenous, and Spanish heritage. I feel proud, empowered, and grateful to hold such a rich cultural history, and to better understand the strengths inherited as a result of my ancestors’ displacement and survival. This has been a source of new knowledge for me as I mature. My recent self-portraits focus on mirroring my two main cultural differences. They are not literal representations of my Mexican and African-American cultures, but symbolic of my pride to be a mixed-race female with integrated realities. The work is to reveal the beauty and power behind being part of two incredible worlds. As my paintings fuse a variety of colors over the main subjects, they provide a great mental note informing me of the deeply rich cultures that birthed who I am today.