erin tail

Tribe: Lakota / Northern Cheyenne / Cherokee
Based In: Tacoma, WA
Social Media: @ern.rose.tail

About the Art
This shawl I have put together is a representation of many things going on in my life currently. I chose to hand-stitch this shawl with the word kičhíkuyapi, they remember each other, because everywhere I went I would take this piece to add a little more and a little more to it. That meant that all the places I took this shawl to, my ancestors were present with me. In the joys and issues within my life, they were there supporting me, and I work to keep ceremony going strong with myself, and those around me. Kičhíkuyapi, my ancestors, myself, and those who will come after us, will all remember where we originated. Decolonizing history on my own terms has always been very important to me, and so I am recording specific moments in my life I would like to look back on, and always know that [Indigenous] non-white women have THE POWER TO REWRITE HISTORY. I chose red cotton for the shawl itself, because in Lakota, red is the physical manifestation of humanity, while the yellow represents guidance and clarity in the stitching.

About the Artist
I am enrolled Northern Cheyenne, Oglala Lakota and Western Band Tsalagi, and twenty one years old. My most predominant art form I like to focus on is poetry, and songwriting. Currently I am becoming more and more engaged with embroidery and beadwork! I feel like all of these mediums hone my ability to process and also serve as a means of recording time in my own way, as time is not linear. My goals are to finish my last year of school at the Evergreen State College while putting as much time towards my artwork as I can, as well as attend Lakota ceremonies as I normally do. Both are integral to my wellbeing.