G. Raquel Emeka

Tribe: Indigenous Mexican
Based In: Port Orchard, WA
Email: raquelemeka@gmail.com
Social Media: @waterartistry
Website: graquelphoto.wordpress.com

About the Art
With my camera, I love to look deeply into the details of light dancing on water and capture its uniqueness not seen everyday, that drives me to create more fascinating images. Water is my absolute favorite subject, it is calming, soothing, it always evokes good feelings...I hope it does for you too.

About the Artist
In 2015 I bought a Canon 70D, and with it I've developed my unique style of abstract water art as a way for me to connect deeply to beauty. Living near the Puget Sound has contributed to my obsession with water, I draw inspiration from it along with the abundance of nature and the Seattle skyline...a combination that brings an edginess to my art.