Inanna McCarty

Tribe: Makah
Based In: Olympia, WA

About the Art
Described by the artist as a “Man-Eater” necklace, and made of beads, shells, and mounted stone in a palette of whites, grays, and reds. Hamatsa is the name of a secret society stemming from British Columbia tribal culture. When Makah Chiefs married women from BC tribes traditionally associated with the Hamatsa, their songs and traditions were passed down through Makah generations. The Hamatsa ceremonial dance takes place in winter.

About the Artist
I do traditional formline artwork, mixed with a contemporary style. I am a proud member of the Makah tribe. I am going for my PhD in Marine Spatial Planning in order to design economic development aimed at freeing tribes of federal funding and leading to economic independence. I will also be testifying in Seattle for the Makah Whale Hearing this summer.