Jake Prendez

Tribe: Choctaw / Indigenous Mexican
Based In: Seattle, WA
Email: jakeprendez@gmail.com
Social Media: @jakeprendez
Website: jakeprendez.com

About the Art
My work is an amalgamation of my life experiences. It represents my Chicano background, my life lived back and forth from Los Angeles and Seattle, it represents love and heartbreak, oppression and resilience, laughter and tears. It’s as if I took all my life experiences, put them in a blender and poured it out on canvas.

About the Artist
Jake Prendez is a renowned Chicano artist exhibiting his art and lecturing across the nation. Jake creates art with a specific focus on themes relating to Chicana/o and Indigenous culture, activism, social justice, pop culture, and satire. Jake now resides in Seattle and is a host the Pop Up Mercado, leads the Próxima Generación: Youth Residency Project and is the owner/director of the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery in White Center.