Lalo Mihoiniwa Valdez

Tribe: Santa Clara Pueblo / Hopi / Tewa
Based In: Seattle, WA

About the Art
Lalo Mihoiniwa Valdez, Hopi/Tewa, is an artist working in fine metal craft (sterling silver, copper, and brass), beadwork, wood carving and painting, hand drum and flute making, and leather. He has been active in the Northwest Native community as a public speaker for Native youth on motivation, tribal traditions, and spiritual development; as former Chair of the Intertribal Warrior Society; through participation in the early Canoe Journeys; and as a Board member of Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre. A Vietnam Veteran, he was active in Vietnam Veterans Against the War and lobbied the VA to honor claims of medical and physical problems stemming from exposure to Agent Orange. Suffering a serious stroke in 1991, he learned to speak again through ASL. He attended Bellevue Community College and he received his Masters Degree in Public Administration from Evergreen State College. He became Chair of a State Advisory Board on Deafness, served as Development Tribal Program Analyst for the Governor's Advisory Committee for the Deaf and Hearning-Impaired, has taught Indian Sign Talk, and has volunteered as an ASL interpreter for community events.