mario lemafa

Tribe: Sāmoan
Based In: Auburn, WA
Social Media: @decisionfatigue

About the Artist
The work created by mario lemafa is fueled by an artistic process that seeks out the casual brilliance of commonplace experiences, objects, and exchanges that serve as foundations for the extraordinary, or as a nexus to the unknown. The materials lemafa uses are principally knowable—cleansing agents, scents, foods, energy drinks, poetry, screen captures, and Google searches, for example—with the purpose of describing the texture of political, ideological, environmental, and cultural phenomena through a queer Pasefika lens. Recent projects include a group exhibition at the Hedreen, serving as guest editor of La Norda Specialo Issue 15, acting as co-curator for festival:festival 2018, and artist residencies at Centrum and Nemhauser Labs.