Mary Babic

Tribe: Chugach Alutiiq, Sugpiaq
Based In: Cordova, AK

About the Artist
I was raised in Seattle. I did not know what Alutiiq meant. I knew I was Alutiiq and German. When I moved to Alaska in 1980, I realized I was immersed in Chugach Alutiiq culture. So, I wanted to learn everything I could about my background. I started sewing woods, furs, leathers, and started beading. Friends in the area shared a lot about utilizing the resources we had, and living off the land. Not only would you use a seal for its meat, but you would also use every part of it. You wouldn’t waste anything and you would always thank the animal for giving itself to you. That was one thing I learned right away about subsistence. So, I started sewing with the fur. I also learned how to clean the intestine and how to blow it out and make things from it.

(via Seattle Art Museum blog)