Pamela Louis

Tribe: Wasco
Based In: Warm Springs, OR
Social Media: @p.louisceramics

About the Art
My inspiration comes from many areas of life: nature, astronomy, waves, tribal, color, and sometimes people. I use movement, shadow, and light to portray and communicate sensations of calm, ease, peace. My work is inspired by a statement from Robin Hopper, another ceramic artist: ‘I was born in a bomb crater during the London Blitz-Kreig (Germany bombing London), so I want only to make things that are beautiful.’ With beautiful or calm intention, the world for me finds balance.

About the Artist
Pamela Louis works with many mediums: ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewelry. She is a descendant of Wasco tribes and Billy Chinook (sister to Roxanne J. Chinook). She primarily works in porcelain using a technique called Sgraffito, meaning ‘to scratch.’ This technique uses a small wire that allows her to carve back into the underglaze, exposing the clay body.