Priscilla Dobler

Tribe: Mayan
Based In: Tacoma, WA
Social Media: @priscilla_dobler

About the Art

El renacimiento de la sociedad: The rebirth of society is a multimedia installation using traditional methods of embroidery and weaving within a globalized, modern digital platform. Through storytelling, we might reframe the context of our history while critiquing identity and examining the structures of power in our domestic lives, as well as influences from other cultures, potentially resulting in the creation of a new, multi-cultural society. This three-part installation includes a woven pallet board with woven crate at the base, a white embroidered huipil (traditional garment of the Yucatan) hung from above, and audio in Spanish, English, and Mayan that tells a contemporary story of society’s rebirth. The story borrows mythological creatures from different cultures in order to create one new story. The rebirth of society challenges viewers in understanding the complex history of storytelling—that is, whose story is preserved—while questioning the social and political constructs of a globalized identity.