Raven Two Feathers

Tribe: Cherokee / Seneca / Cayuga / Comanche
Based In: Seatac, WA
Email: ratwofeathers@gmail.com
Social Media: @raven_two_feathers

About the Art
One Word is an exploration of the sounds and environment which existed long ago in Vi Hilbert’s telling of the story Lifting the Sky. Thanks to my fellow Centrum artists (Fopp Family 5), Jill LaPointe, Dr. Ka`imi Sinclair, Dr. Kelly Gonzales, P4NH, Justin Amorratanasuchad, and the yəhaw̓ Curatorial Team.

My work, most often in the medium of film, is a place for the worlds that are, and the worlds that could be meet. Such intersectionality is only appropriate, being the crossroads of various identities and un-commonalities. I want for these spaces to be somewhere I can bring my family, and larger audiences, to use these worlds to explore communities they may not quite understand...yet, and perhaps, help someone understand themselves just a little bit better. Access to resources and depictions were scarce to none when trying to find people like me (even for a reasonably well-off kid). Seeing queer, intertribal, left-handed, urban Two Spirit people was next to impossible when I was small, let alone just one of those categories. So, I continued with the storytelling that had always made me happy, before the word intersectional had lovingly graced my ears. Grand statements and bold actions were more for the big action movies I’d see with my mom. The little things that seemed to erupt into tiny catastrophes or revelations are what caught my attention. The things people acknowledged after the fact but made all the difference in the moment. Why not bring the rarely acknowledged to the forefront? Those common little circumstances can skirt around not directly experiencing life in my shoes. The myriad of intersections have woven me into the being you see before you, finally ready to present myself.

About the Artist
Raven Two Feathers is a Two Spirit, Emmy award winning filmmaker. Being intertribal only encourages their exploration of local indigenous roots, wherever they go. They recently graduated magna cum laude from Santa Fe University of Art & Design with a BFA in Film Production. They produce and direct film and other media projects, working with a naturally diverse cast and crew along the way. They create various forms of content, flowing between fiction and non-fiction, most recently through the lens of virtual reality. Currently, they are in development for a queer Indigenous documentary series.