Sonny Assu

Tribe: KwaKwaka'wakw
Based In: Campbell River, BC
Social Media: @sonnyassu

About the Art
The title ‘Interventions On The Imaginary’ is a clear reference to Marcia Crosby’s essay, "The Construction of the Imaginary Indian, and it situates itself within the realm of remix culture as digital interventions onto works that contain the colonial gaze. These interventions participate in the growing discourse of decolonization, acting as ‘tags’ to challenge the colonial fantasy of terra nullius and to confront the dominant culture’s continued portrayal of Indigenous peoples as a vanishing race. With the insertion of ovoids, S-shapes, and U-shapes into the images, both the landscape paintings and the design elements of the Northwest Coast are changed. The landscapes become marked by the specter of Native presence, while the Coastal design elements—traditionally two-dimensional in appearance—acquire an illusion of depth through association with Western principles of perspective. I see these bold interruptions of the landscapes as acts of resistance toward the colonial subjugation of the First Peoples.