Vi Levitt / KERUB

Tribe: Métis
Based In: Vancouver, BC
Social Media: @vivivacious

About the Art
My approach to this piece is tied intrinsically with my romantic experiences dating other queer Indigenous people. Our experiences are flawed, echoing, and joyous all the same. Trial of Birds relates to the original Lifting the Sky story, having been conceived upon hours of having Vi Hilbert’s recording on loop in my studio. There’s arrogance and naivety in how the birds wish to touch the sky, to reach their limit. I found that relatable as I think many of us are trying to reach that height. The swirling synths and odd noises represent just one way to get there.

About the Artist
Vi Ely Levitt is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, and creator based on the Unceded Territory of the Musqueam people (Vancouver, BC). As an artist, Vi draws from their training as a classical musician, their fascination with sounds and textures found in the intersections of the industrial and natural. As well as their worldview that encompasses their Queer Metis, Jewish and Danish identity and heritage. They tread whimsically on their lived realities to create art, and, as of 2019 has participated in various exhibitions and festivals such as the Vancouver New Music Festival, Together Apart - Queering Indigeneity, the New Constellations Digital Mentorship Program, and most recently the yəhaw̓ exhibit. Alongside their more classically oriented work, they also create and perform Experimental Pop and Alt-Electronica under the moniker of KERUB. Vi is also extremely thankful to be presented alongside such wonderful art, and they thank the yəhaw̓ team for the opportunity.