Xulie Flor Olivos

Tribe: Indigenous Latinx
Based In: Seattle, WA
Email: pnwxicana@gmail.com
Social Media: @pincheflowerxulie

About the Art
My influences are my family, friends, earth, gems, bodies of water, love, intimacy, joy, clouds and so much…the ever expansive. Since childhood, you would find me lost in the sauce aka head in the clouds living in my imagination and I continue to sustain and nurture that within myself and with those around me. I invite the spirit/person to interpret the art piece(s) with love and kindness…and to create a piece of their own after checking out my art. Art is an extension of our _______. You fill in the blank. My work explores the connections and roots of reclaiming identity, ancestry, spirituality, feeling/emotion, abstract/color, time travel, earth and the undoing of anthropocentrism.