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The online Indigenous Creatives Collective at was launched in August 2019. The roster is intended to increase exposure for Indigenous artists working in the Pacific Northwest, and is a publicly available resource for local makers, curators, and organizations seeking Native creatives for paid opportunities.


  • This call is open to all Indigenous people living in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and British Columbia. This includes residents of those states belonging to Native communities outside of the Pacific Northwest, and outside of what is currently the United States.

  • All art forms and creative disciplines are welcome.

Submission Guidelines

  • Complete the webpage form below with your name, tribal affiliation, city/state based in, email, and optionally your social media handles, website, artist biography and artist statement.

  • By email (to, please provide documentation of Indigenous ancestry, or a detailed description of social and familial ties to an Indigenous community. Examples of documentation include: Certificate of Indian Blood card, tribal enrollment card, letter from a federally recognized Alaska Native village or tribe identifying the applicant as a member, a letter from a federally recognized tribal enrollment office identifying the applicant as a descendant, documentation from a tribe denied federal recognition but socially and historically acknowledged, or self-attestation with verification in another form. We know this is a complicated issue, so please feel welcome to contact the curatorial team about alternative ways to verify Native ancestry. This information will be used to verify eligibility but will not be shared publicly online.

  • By email (to, please provide work samples - at least 1, and up to 10, samples of past work. Include the title, year created, medium, and photographer credit (if applicable) for each artwork.

Information submitted (excluding the ancestry documentation attachments) will be shared publicly on once eligibility is verified, and all required attachments are received. Submissions may be edited for cohesion, grammar, or to better match our online format.

Artists may be removed from the roster at any time at the discretion of the yəhaw̓ curatorial team, in alignment with our eligibility and code of conduct policies.

Please allow several weeks for profiles to be uploaded or updated.

To update your information or if you have questions, email, call or text 253-336-6477, or use the contact page on this website.

Name *
Tell us about yourself like your name, the city you are based in, and art accomplishments you are proud of.
Tell us about what you make, the materials you use, and the inspiration behind the work.
Emailed Attachments Verification *
Check these boxes to confirm that you have emailed documentation of Indigenous ancestry and artwork samples to Applications are not complete until the requested attachments are received.
Code of Conduct Compliance *
yəhaw̓ is committed to creating programs free of harassment, discrimination, sexism, and threatening or disrespectful behavior. yəhaw̓ is intended to be a safe space for all, including Indigenous womxn, Two Spirit people, youth, and those most marginalized in our communities. We reserve the right to deny access to, or remove from our events and programs, those who have violated the sacred, especially those who remain unrepentant with no movement towards healing and reconciliation. If you have in the past or are currently making others feel uncomfortable, or unsafe, for the sake of larger community values and empowerment of the Indigenous artists, we request you remove yourself from yəhaw̓ programming. Similarly if you have had negative experiences with anyone affiliated with yəhaw̓ please contact us. If in alignment with the wishes of the survivor, when reports are made regarding individuals we work with we will request their recusal and remove them from our programs while we address the circumstances. We are committed to doing everything in our power to minimize harm, and to support safety and healing in Indigenous community whenever possible.
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