Eileen Jimenez

Tribe: Otomi
Based In: Seattle, WA
Email: maesecustomart@gmail.com
Social Media: @maese.art.by.eileen.jimenez
Website: etsy.com/shop/MaeseArt

About the Artist
The art I create is influenced by my many intersecting identities and lived experiences. Even though I grew up in extreme poverty in Anaheim, California, art filled my house. My siblings and I spent the days re-creating the art we admired on TV or in the black and white copies of paintings my mom photocopied from the public library and taped around the house. As I navigated my higher education experiences, my art saved me when I felt overwhelmed by the pressure of working full time and going to school full time. I’ve always found myself gravitating towards art, making art for my friends and family but always reminding myself that my art was not real art, because I did not have formal art training. Throughout the years I have realized that I don’t need formal training for the art I create. My soul speaks through my art. I create the art I wish I would have seen and had access to as a girl from the 'hood. In my art, I see myself and the stories and the strength from my ancestors. In my art you will see the aesthetics of my Mexican and Otomi heritage – punctuated by Franco-European and Queer influences – you see the visual representation of my soul, and the colors, the culture, the visions and the dreams that live there.