Programs and Projects

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10 emerging artists were selected to participate in our training program to develop new work for the yəhaw̓ exhibition under the guidance of a mentor artist. Mentor artists - Ka'ila Farrell-Smith, Ryan Feddersen, and Roger Fernandes - will each work intensively with a small cohort of mentees in Portland, Tacoma, and Seattle respectively. The program will include group critiques and additional professional development activities. 

  • Portland - Ka’ila Farrell-Smith - Asa Wright, Kanani Miyamoto, Stephanie Fogel

  • Tacoma - Ryan Feddersen - Priscilla Dobler, Paige Pettibon, Lisa Fruichantie, Catherine Cross-Uehara

  • Seattle - Roger Fernandes - Crystal Christopherson, Randi Purser, Jennifer Wood

As an extension of the mentorship program, Artist Trust will provide 3 free professional development classes for yəhaw̓ creatives covering topics like: Artist Statements and Biographies, Resumes and Budgets, Applying for Grants, and Work Samples Dos and Don'ts. Allison Bishins Consulting will also teach a free class on Social Media Marketing. Cowlitz Tribal Health therapists will provide a class on healthy strategies for dealing with rejection through a cultural lens.

yəhaw̓ is also mentoring emerging curators as they develop the following programs:

  • Seattle Public Library - Denise Emerson

  • Fashion Show - Lisa Fruichantie

  • Teen Art Show - Teens in Tacoma / Aiyanna Stitt

  • Zine and Related Exhibition - Sara Marie Ortiz

  • Latinx Showcase - Jess Ramirez

Satellite Exhibitions

yəhaw̓ artists will be featured in solo and group exhibitions at the following venues:

  • 950 Gallery

  • The Alice Gallery

  • Chief Seattle Club

  • Vera Project

  • Feast Arts Center

  • Alma Mater Tacoma

  • Vermillion Gallery

  • Seattle Art Museum Community Gallery

  • Suquamish Museum

  • Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery

  • South Puget Sound College Gallery

  • Bellevue College Gallery

Art Markets

yəhaw̓ Indigenous artists will show and sell their work at various markets over the course of the year in a range of media, including basketry, carving, beadwork, textiles, and more:

  • Tacoma Studio Tour

  • Artist Trust’s Amazon Pop Up Market

  • Lettuce 253

  • Short Run Seattle

  • Na’ah Illahee Fund’s Blue Jay Brings Back the Moon

  • SAM Fashion Show Market

  • Friends of Waterfront Seattle

Artist Residencies

The Seattle Public Library and yəhaw̓ hosted a series of Indigenous artists in residence in fall 2018 - Native Kut (Pah-tu Pitt and Sean Gallagher), Fox Spears, and Roldy Aguero Ablao. The residents each activated the right side of the 8th floor gallery in the library’s main branch for 3 weeks between October and November, including artwork displays, live-art making, and community engagement activities, all relating to themes of water and environmental justice. All of the artists participated in a public panel discussion following the residency period to share their experiences working in the library.

Indigenous artist Denise Emerson also served as the curator in residence at the library. The curator in residence worked closely with the yəhaw̓ team to organize and install an exhibition of Coast Salish art on the left side of the 8th floor gallery of the central branch displayed October through December. 

SAM is partnering with yəhaw̓ to host an Indigenous artist for their 2019 Olympic Sculpture Park Residency that will culminate in participatory art encounters January 25th and February 22nd.

In collaboration with the City of Seattle's Office of Arts and Culture, yəhaw̓ creatives will be selected as the first artists in residence for King Street Station, and will activate the glass-walled studio space in the gallery for through 2019.

  • March - Sasha LaPointe

  • April - mario lemafa

  • May - Jen Wood

  • June - Megan McDermott

  • July - Kathi Miller

  • August - Adria Garcia

  • September - fabian romero and raktahcu’ reewaki / Howie Echo-Hawk

  • October - Jordan Remington

  • November - Selena Kearney

  • December - Liz Rideau

Centrum will provide free lodging and studio space for 17 selected yəhaw̓ artists in one-week mini-residencies at their Port Townsend facilities in winter of 2018:

  • Lisa Anderson

  • Alex Britt

  • Rebecca Cesspooch

  • Taylor Dean

  • Marisa Ervin

  • Raven Two Feathers

  • Lehua Fernandez

  • Crystal Florez

  • Ixtli White Hawk

  • Kalee Nelson

  • Aaron Parker

  • Tyera Pete

  • Stephanie Reidl

  • Liz Rideau

  • Eric Sanchez

  • Roquin Siongco

Studio Space

We are partnering with Pratt Fine Arts in Seattle to give yəhaw̓ artists free access to their metalworking, printmaking, sculpture, wood, and other studios through the end of the 2018.

yəhaw̓ is hosting monthly co-working sessions at Alma Mater in Tacoma on third Thursdays 6-10pm through July 2019. All Indigenous artists are welcome to come use the studio space for free on their own, or they can participate in group art activities led by the following guest artists:

  • Clarice Tail

  • Asia Tail

  • Lisa Fruichantie

  • Cynthia Masterson

  • Fox Spears

  • Kayla Goyette

  • Ellyn Motas

  • Rebecca Cesspooch

  • Crystal Christopherson

  • Olivia Hart 


Indigenous artists have been invited by the yəhaw̓ curatorial team to create commissioned artworks responding to the Lifting the Sky story for the exhibition space and on the plaza of King Street Station, accompanied by commissioned performative works that will debut at the opening celebration.

  • Chai Adera

  • Natalie Ball

  • Demian DinéYazhi´

  • Malynn Foster

  • Alison Marks

  • Timothy White Eagle

  • Sara Siestreem

  • Adam Sings in the Timber

  • Kimberly Deriana (Plaza)

  • Christine Babic (Performance)

  • Tsēmā Igharas (Performance)

Outside of these special commissions, all yəhaw̓ artists will be paid a modest honorarium to acknowledge their time and their contribution to the show.

Special Projects

The yəhaw̓ team is working on a series of additional special projects, including an all-Indigenous fashion show, a curated poetry zine and reading events, the activation of King Street Station's plaza in conjunction with the Seattle Art Fair, and an installation as part of the University of Puget Sound's Race and Pedagogy Conference.