Kanani Miyamoto

Tribe: Indigenous Hawai’ian
Based In: Portland, OR
Email: kanani.m@gmail.com
Social Media: @mamakanani

About the Art
Ka Lipo, the installation at King Street Station for yəhaw̓, was inspired by the Kumu Lipo, the Hawai’ian creation chant. I feel that the one thing so important to Indigenous people is our connection to the natural world and our interdependence. The Hawai’ian creation story begins with the connection between sky father and earth mother, giving birth to all life. We are all relatives.

About the Artist
Kanani Miyamoto is a passionate printmaker. Her training in printmaking is rooted in tradition, but Miyamoto pushes the standards of printmaking in the form of large scale mixed media original prints, and installation. Miyamoto’s work is created with many different techniques. She combines copper plate etchings with screen prints, and wood block prints to create rich and unique installations.