Nico Inzerella

Tribe: Mexican American / Indigenous
Based In: Seattle, WA

About the Art
Preserving my family culture is important to me and I do this through my artwork. Over the past 15 years I've traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Central America taking thousands of photos. I combine my photography, fine arts, and graphic arts to create my final pieces. This series captures the hard work and everyday life of Latin America.

About the Artist
My family has been in the US (California, Oregon and Washington) for 4-5 generations. For my first small chunk of life I grew up in Ventura, California but my family moved to the Seattle area in the early 1980s. My Mexican culture slowly moved up North as well. During my childhood and teenage years I was brought up as being "American" and I was stuck in this limbo of trying to fit in while living in the suburbs of Seattle. It wasn't until after college when I moved to Mexico for 6 months I started to explore who I really was and not the "expected" person I had identified as. I found a way to connect with my Mexican culture through my art.