Paige Pettibon

Tribe: Salish
Based In: Tacoma, WA
Social Media: @plain_to_sea

About the Art
caləɫali is the original name for Tacoma pre contact. caləɫali altarpiece is based on the Ghent altarpiece painted by master Jan Van Eyck. Pettibon merges the Coast Salish and European origin stories with the familiar European ornate clothing and crown, and the Lushootseed prayer in the gold arch. Instead of the bible she is reading a story of the creator in Lushootseed. The creator’s Lushootseed name is “dukʷibəɫ”, painted in red on the wallpaper. Painted on the wallpaper is salmon, representing sacrifice, as the salmon are a sacred animal for Coast Salish people. caləɫali altarpiece shows Pettibon’s journey of reclaiming her Indigenous culture while amidst the predominant European culture.

About the Artist
Paige Pettibon is a Tacoma artist who incorporates her Indigenous culture in her work. She has always identified as a painter, but in recent years she has added sewing, weaving, and jewelry making into her repertoire. Her paintings lean towards a realistic style, however she also enjoys exploring new ideas and techniques. Paige loves to sew blankets and creates jewelry that mixes modern elements with traditional designs.