Rebecca Cesspooch

Tribe: Northern Ute / Assiniboine / Nakota
Based In: Olympia, WA
Social Media: @rebecca_cesspooch

About the Artist
Rebecca Cesspooch is the daughter of Kitty Hollow and Larry Cesspooch. She is Assiniboine and Nakota on her maternal side, and Ute of the White River Band on her paternal side. A Two Spirit/Queer interdisciplinary artist, Rebecca comes from a creative family that taught her how to be a warrior of prayer. Art is her weapon to challenge settler colonialism and reclaim the narrative of indigeneity at the intersections of race, power, gender and sexuality. Born in Utah on the Uintah & Ouray Ute Reservation, Rebecca is a long-time resident of the Salish Sea area in Washington state. Where she utilizes her Bachelor or Arts degree from the Evergreen State College.