Ricky Clousing

Tribe: Lakota / Standing Rock Sioux
Based In: Tacoma, WA
Email: rickyclousing@gmail.com
Social Media: @satori253

About the Art
This piece tells the story of the Duwamish River and its fractured relationship with the natural world. A reflection of different cultural values. Indigenous communities around the world share the belief that water is sacred. This is our common language. I selected this canvas because skateboarding has been influential in my life and taught me a lot about balance and flow. In its own expression, skateboarding is a critique of modern development and how the urban landscape is designed and experienced. Moving and flowing through the city can feel like medicine, reimagining space and leaving a world of forced expectations behind.

About the Artist
Ricky Clousing was born and raised in the Northwest. Growing up with a love for photography, he’s always been drawn to sharing new perspectives. His art and social activism explores our relationship to the environment and centers around place-making and building a sense of belonging for all. Ricky is Lakota Sioux, his mother a member of the Standing Rock Tribe, and stands in solidarity with water protectors everywhere.