Sara Siestreem

Tribe: Hanis Coos / Confederated Tribes of Coos / Lower Umpqua / Siuslaw
Based In: Portland, OR

About the Artist
Sara Siestreem (Hanis Coos, born in 1976) is a master artist from the Umpqua River Valley on the south coast of Oregon. She comes from a family of professional artists and educators; her training began at home. Siestreem graduated with a BS from PSU (2005), and earned an MFA with distinction from Pratt Art Institute (2007). Her primary language is painting, but she also works in photography, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, video, and traditional Indigenous weaving. Her art practice branches into institutional reform as it relates to curatorial and educational practices surrounding Indigenous fine art. Siestreem created and runs a weaving program for the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians, and she teaches collegiate arts at PNCA and PSU. She was the recipient of a Ford Family Gold Spot Residency at Crows Shadow and a Matrix Residency in Missoula, MA. Her work figures in public and private collections around the world. She lives and works exclusively in the arts in Portland, Oregon.